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School Policies

Visitors are welcome on school property provided that their presence will not be disruptive. All visitors must initially report to the security desk or main office upon entry into the building. Visitors may not go into a classroom to pick up a student not may they be present in the hallways. If a parent is interested in meeting with a teacher, arrangements must be made with the teacher or an administrator of the school at least 24 hours in advance. All visitors must visit during school hours.
1. All visitors to Cicely L. Tyson Elementary School must report to the security desk or main office and present valid identification. Upon signing in, visitors will receive a visitor's badge.
2. When leaving the building, visitors will always sign out at the security desk or main office.
All visitors are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and meet respectfully with staff during visits and meetings. The Code of Conduct requires using appropriate language and behaviors with staff and administration, whether in person, in writing or on a telephone. Swearing, shouting, interrupting a speaker, or using threatening language or gestures is not permitted. Inappropriate or disrespectful communication of any kind will not be tolerated by staff and administration.