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Anti-Bullying Specialist
Rosalis Grohs,  School Counselor
Phone: (973) 414-9222
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According to state law, the following individuals have been identified as the
School Safety Team:
Koree Knight Toles, Principal
Ms. Rosalis Grohs, Anti-Bullying Specialist/Guidance Counselor
Ms. Tracey Barry-Austin, School Social Worker
Dear Parent/Guardian,
On September 1, 2011 the Anti-Bullying Law went into effect and it requires that every school in New Jersey recognize the “Week of Respect” during the first week in October. School districts observe the week by providing age-appropriate instruction focusing on the prevention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying, in order to stress the importance of character education. Thus, our students will be participating in various activities during their school day to recognize the “Week of Respect”.
We ask that you support us in this endeavor by involving your child in some of the activities listed below. This will demonstrate to your child that home and school are working together to reinforce the message of respect.
Week of Respect activities for the family
• Have a family discussion with students about how parents give and receive respect in the workplace.
• Watch a 30 minute television show and discuss which character behaved respectfully and why.
• Have a family compliment contest, in which the family member who gives the most meaningful compliments is the winner.
• Discuss respectful ways to answer the phone and greet others.
• Encourage your child to do random acts of kindness.
If you have any questions or need additional ideas, please contact Mr. Ashby at (973) 414-9222 x62009. Let’s encourage our children to be respectful even after this week is over. Thank you for supporting this event and I look forward to your child sharing with me the activities they did at home.
Guidance Counselor/ABS